2024 CKC Sprint National Championships

Welcome to Welland!

Western Ontario Division has once again partnered with the City of Welland and WIFC to host the Canoe Kayak Canada Sprint National Championships. This incredible event brings together top athletes from across the country to compete in thrilling canoe and kayak races.

The Canoe Kayak Canada Sprint National Championships showcase the immense talent and dedication of paddlers as they compete to become one of the best athletes in Canada. Spectators can look forward to witnessing intense competitions, breathtaking finishes, and inspiring displays of sportsmanship.

As the excitement builds in Welland, get ready to dive into the action, where both participants and viewers are in for a wild ride of top-notch paddling! 

Dive Into the Action

Meet The Team

The successful planning and organization of this event can be attributed to the hardworking individuals who are dedicatedly working behind the scenes. Their passion, dedication, and collaborative effort shine through, guaranteeing a seamless execution of the event and positioning them as the driving force behind making this event special. Click the button below to view our teams contact information.

Come Join us for an Unforgettable event!