Welcome! To the Beautiful Lake Banook!

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Spectator Area: 


The public viewing area is located on Prince Albert Road which runs alongside Lake Banook. In addition to Prince Albert Road, the Viewing Area extends to our newly renovated spectator area on Silvers Hill designed with seating for hundreds of CanoeKayak Spectators located approximately 50 meters before the finish line. Medals will be presented next to Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club with an excellent line of site from the new Silvers Hill Viewing Area.




The 2023 Canoe Kayak Canada National Sprint Championships will take place on the competition course located on Lake Banook, Dartmouth NS; One of the finest natural race courses in the world and host to many regional, national, and international competitions including our most recent event the ICF Canoe Kayak & Paracanoe World Championship.


Three areas make up our site: 

(1) Public Zone

(2) Athletes Village

(3) Concession Zone


Public Zone

Athlete Village

Concession Zone

The Public Zone is located alongside Nowlan Street and Prince Albert Road. Spectators are allowed to view free of charge.

Athlete Village will be in Oakwood Park and lions beach, Banook, Senobe, and mic mac beaches will all  inhabit visiting clubs.

Concession Zone will be in the Nolan Street parking lot. 

Pedestrian paths are located around the circumference of Lake Banook. Prince Albert Road will NOT be closed to public traffic. Other than pedestrian crosswalks, spectators will be expected to remain on sidewalks, Silvers Hill, and Nowlan Street ONLY.


Please note that ONLY DOGS ON LEASH ARE ALLOWED in the Public Zone.

Race Program & Results

The races take place every day from 8:00 to end between 17:00 – 18:30A lunch break and two afternoon breaks are planned. 


The full race schedule and results will be available on the website or on the free “Canoe Kayak Canada” app. (Available on the app store)


Night security is in place for the entire competition site from Monday August 28th to  September 3rd from 6pm to 6am. Security will be available only in Oakwood Park for Sunday August 27. If clubs decide they want too paddle on Sunday and store boats in Oakwood Park on Sunday night, athletes and coaches will be responsible for relocating boats to their designated locations the following day.


Please note that personal items and valuables should NOT be left unattended. The Host Organizing Comittee and Canoe Kayak Canada cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages to clubs, participants or public property.

Medals & Trophies

Food & Beverage


The podium will be on the grass of Banook Canoe Club and the trophies will be in their building.


Award Ceremonies will take place immediately after each final.

While there will be some food services available in the Spectator area, please note there will be no food services but will be water access in the Athletes Village. Food concessions will be present to offer you food and drinks on-site. Athlete-boxed lunches will be made available to all athletes. More details regarding boxed lunches and orders will be available COMING SOON.

We have preferred rates at Dartmouth Hotels to ensure all teams’ needs are met.  We are working with two additional hotels and will provide this information as soon as possible. Please note that August is one of the busiest months for the local hotel industry. It is very important that all teams book their rooms and pay directly.  Note that rooms can be cancelled based on each hotel’s cancellation policy without penalty.


Parking & Trailer Parking

Bike/Walking Path

Food Concession

Parking for athletes, parents, volunteers and spectators is available in several locations.

●      Alongside Prince Albert Road

●      Atlantic Superstore

●      Mic Mac Mall

●      Dartmouth Waterfront by the Dartmouth Public Library


A landing stage for athletes and shuttles will be in place to ensure athletes can enter quickly and easily on Hawthorne Street outside of Oakwood Park.

●      No parking for trailers or vehicles will be tolerated in the Athletes Village

●      Parking permitted in authorized and identified streets (see the parking map)

●      Illegal parking will result in a fine and/or towing of the vehicle at your expense

●      Beware of PROHIBITED parking in the residential area around the site

●      See the map with locations near parking lots


Parking for trailers and trucks is still To Be Determined. Stay tuned for updates.

The City of Dartmouth offers a network of bicycle paths near downtown hotels. Click here for maps of the cycling network.

Food concessions will be present to offer you food and drinks on-site. Details on a box lunch reservation service for athletes and clubs will be forthcoming.


Accessible Parking (Coming Soon...)

Exhibitors (Coming Soon...)