Unloading Boats & Parking Trailers

Boat trailers and personal vehicles carrying boats must park on Nowlan Street or Boathouse Lane before unloading their boats. Once the loading is complete, trailers must be relocated to the indicated parking lot at Mic Mac Mall. The Athletes Village will be open daily from 6:30 a.m. starting Sunday, August 27 to allow for the unloading of boats. Boats will be unloaded at the designated Club locations as identified on the site map. A site map, including club designated spaces, will be communicated and posted soon. All boats and trailers must depart by September 4. 



Below are two boat drop off locations for trailers. Due to the limited amount of space, coaches will be required to drop off boats and relocate as quickly as possible to the “Designated Trailer Parking Zone” at Mic Mac Mall to allow other coaches to do the same. There will be two volunteers on site that day to guide those who are unloading boats.



Below we have provided two graphics showcasing the exact boat drop off locations and the “Designated Trailer Parking Zone” of Mic Mac Mall where trailers will be required to park during the duration of the competition.


Boat Control

Boat control will be located In the Mic Mac AAC rowing boat bays.  The scale will be available for weighing on the following dates and times:

– August 27: 12:00pm-4:00pm

– August 28: 7:00am-6:00pm 

– August 29 – September 2: 7:00am – end of races

There will be a limited supply of sand, tape and bags at the boat control. Clubs are encouraged to have their athletes bring their own weights to avoid lineups.  There will also be a limited number of boat racks on site at Boat Control. 

Please remind your athletes to listen to the number of announcements made at the end of each race. These numbers will be displayed by volunteers standing on the docks in the moments following each race. 


Water Traffic

Docks Access


 Participants will use the area closest to Oakwood park to paddle up and down the course before and after their race without interfering with the others races. We thank you in advance to STOP PADDLING as the start of each race approaches. 

Cameramen and photographers will also circulate on the course.

Motorized boats for officials and security will circulate.

Accesses to water are available via: 

Oakwood Park athlete village 



Parking and shuttle service are free for everyone

No parking for trailers or vehicles will be tolerated in the Athletes Village.  

Illegal parking will result in a fine and/or towing of the vehicle at your expense

Beware of PROHIBITED parking in the residential area around the site