The CanMas Championships will be held on August 30 on Mooney’s Bay.

CanMas Scratch Meeting 7 am at Beer Tent

Provisional CanMas Race Card

Available online @

CanMas Rules

The CanMas Rules for 2021 can be accessed here.
Please note these key changes from 2018:
  1. Doubles Events will be run as 10-year age categories, vs the 5-year categories used in recent years. This change was made to increase the competitive level in these events.
  2. Singles 500m events have been added in the morning of CanMas. The intention is that each athlete will be able to race one 500m K1 or C1. These races will be close together and accommodating multiple races will be difficult, please plan entries accordingly.
  3. Because the 500m singles have been added the race limit has been increased to 6 events + 1 mixed C15 + 1 single-gender C-15.


The CKC Sprint Code of Safety applies to CanMas Competition. An important reminder, from the code: all participants must be able to swim at the level of the Canadian Red Cross “Swim Kids Level 6” prior to their participation in water-related programs. If not, they must wear a Government of Canada approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) in the manner in which it was intended while engaged in all on-water activity;

Release Agreement Waiver

All participating athletes must submit a signed release agreement waiver online prior to September 1.
Please click link below to access the online release agreement form.
Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe Release Agreement

Order of Events

The Can Mas Order of Events is available here. Please note that once entries are received, there will be adjustments to this order of events in the final draw to allow for more competitive races, and reduce conflicts where possible. The draw will be circulated one week before the event.


CanMas entries are now open in PadTrac under the “CanMas” button on the main page. Entries will be made by your coach or club registrar. If you have any questions about the process please contact, Ian Mortimer (
All  Canadian CanMas participants must be a sprint competitive member of a club. Please note, paddler registration closes on PadTrac August 6.
CanMas Entries Close on PadTrac August 12.

Entry Fees

In line with recent practice, General Registration with CanMas is $16.50. In addition, there is a $5 charge for each event entered.
After entries, close on PadTac, a CanMas Entry fee invoice will be sent to each club.

CanMas Dinner and Special Events

Click here to link to all the special events taking place during the 2019 Canadian Canoe Kayak Sprint Nationals.
The CanMas Meet and Greet will be held in the Main Tent on Hog’s Back Marina at the venue.
The CanMas Dinner and Celebration will be held at ,,,
Click here to purchase tickets for the CanMas Dinner & Celebration