The athletes’ village will be open every day from 6:30 a.m. from Sunday August 21 for the unloading of boats. Boat trailers and vehicles transporting boats on their roofs must go to the bottom of the slope of Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux adjacent to the athletes’ village, in order to unload the boats. Click here to consult the plan which will be published prior to the championships. 


  • Boat control will be located at the height of the 75 m mark before the finish arrival.
  • The scale will be available from Sunday August 21: Hours to be confirmed.
  • Boat control will be open from Monday August 22 to Sunday August 28 from 7 am until the end of the races. 

There will be a limited supply of sand, tape and bags at the boat control. Clubs are encouraged to have their athletes bring their own weights to avoid backlogs.  There will also be a limited number of boat racks on site at Boat Control. 
Please remind your athletes to listen to the number announcements made at the end of each race. These numbers will be displayed by volunteers standing on the docks in the moments following each race. 


  • Parking and shuttle service are free for everyone. 
  • No parking for trailers or vehicles will be tolerated in the Athletes’ Village. 
  • Parking permitted in authorized and identified streets (see the parking map) 
  • Illegal parking will result in a fine and/or towing of the vehicle at your expense. 
  • Parking reserved for participants with reduced mobility is located at the south entrance of the Athletes’ Village. 
  • Parking reserved for the public with reduced mobility is located at the entrance to the Trade Fair (see Trade Fair) 
  • Beware of PROHIBITED parking in the residential area around the site. 
  • See the map with locations near parking lots. 


Four accesses to water are available via: 

  1. Half-moon entrance #1 facing rue Régis, with three platform arms of 60 ft each .
  2. Entrance #2 in front of the municipal parking lot with 60 ft of dock 
  3. Entrance #3 to the left of the boat ramp, located on Chemin de la Berge, with platforms with a low freeboard facilitating the boarding and exiting of athletes in wheelchairs. 
  4. Entrance #4 to the right of the boat ramp with 40 ft of dock.


Only the SOUTH side of the course will be open to boat traffic, between lane 0 and the bank of Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux. Participants will use this lane to paddle up and down the course before and after their race without interfering with the others races. Thank you in advance to STOP PADDLING as the start of each race approaches. 
Cameramen and photographers will also circulate on the SOUTH side of the course. Motorized boats for officials and security will circulate on the NORTH side, between lane 10 and the shore of Melville Island. Large red buoys will delimit the supervised area accessible to participants beyond which participants will paddle at their own risk. 



For the 2022 Canoe Kayak Canada National Sprint Championships, 500 rooms have been reserved in Shawinigan and Trois-Rivières. Summer being a busy time in ‘’La Mauricie’’, we suggest you book as soon as possible.

For more tourist information, visit the sites www.tourismeshawinigan.com or https://www.tourismetroisrivieres.com/fr. 

Here is the English PDF link of the hotels: Hotels list


The Capitaine-Veilleux basin’s competition site is located next to ‘’Parc de l’ile Melville’’, which offers camping sites, ready-to-camp sites, cabins and an inn. 60 campsites adjacent to the course are reserved, use the GROUP CODE ‘’rivière7155’’. See the plan, here.

Here is the Campground information link : Camping Ile Melville


All trophies must be returned to the Organizing Committee Protocol Coordinator, (name and location to come). 

For any questions, consult the volunteers at the Information Kiosk at the Trade Fair. 

Trophy collection will begin on Sunday August 21, time to be confirmed. 

The plates engraved with the names of the 2019 winners for the team events and for the individual events of 2020 must be present on the trophies. 


The floating podium is attached to the boat check docks, at the intersection of rue Ozias-Leduc and Avenue du Capitaine-Veilleux. 

Prize giving will take place on the floating podium immediately at the end of each final race. 


The City of Shawinigan’s transit services provide safe, reliable, affordable and accessible transportation to residents and visitors through a fixed-route transportation system. Click here for more information. 

A free shuttle service is offered to connect all parking lots to the competition site from Monday, August 22 to Sunday, August 28 inclusively.